BBQ apron by Xapron

BBQ apron by Xapron

A BBQ apron by Xapron is a must have for every grill master and kitchen fanatic. A leather apron will protect you against the hot flames and fat splashes, but it will also be very handy en stylish.

From a cool vintage look, a standard cognac-colored apron to a rugged black apron. With a choice of seven flexible leather types and more than 21 different colors, there must be a BBQ apron thats suits you perfectly.

Every apron is equipped with sturdy adjustable straps, a simple adjustable buckle closure with 10 predrilled positions and a handy tea towel loop. This way the aprons will fit perfectly and sit very comfortable.

You will have the option to customize your leather apron with a variety of accessories. You can add an extra pocket, where you can store your spatulas, herbs and spices or other supplies that you want to use while cooking and preparing your meal. Or go for a bottle holder, so that your beer is always within reach.

Why would you want an apron?

  • It’s handmade by craftsmen in Italy
  • It’s 100% top quality leather, carefully treated
  • It’s remarkably smooth and comfortable to wear
  • It will give you a real cool and stylish look

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